The film ‘Giddh’ won the Asia International Competition

Sanjay Mishra’s short film ‘Giddha: The Scavenger’ has won the prestigious Asia International Competition at the ‘Short Shorts Film Festival’ event held in Asia 2023. The film also earned Sanjay Mishra the Best Actor Award, while ‘Giddha’ was awarded the Best Film title at the Film Asia International, qualifying it for the Oscars.
The film is directed by National Award winner Manish Saini and produced by Yellanar Films, with Amdavad Films as its co-producer. In the film, Sanjay Mishra portrays the character of an elderly man who struggles to make ends meet. Forced to take drastic measures to satisfy his hunger, his life takes an unexpected turn.
Giddha: The Scavenger’ is a poignant social commentary that sheds light on the harsh realities of life for many people in India. The film has received widespread acclaim, having been selected as a finalist by the jury of the USA Film Festival 2023. Additionally, it has been chosen for the official selection of several other prestigious short film festivals, including the ‘LA Shorts International Film Festival’ 2023 and the ‘Carmarthen Bay International Film Festival’ 2023.
With its thought-provoking storyline, powerful performances, and exceptional direction, ‘Giddha: The Scavenger’ is a must-watch for all cinema lovers.

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