There is no room for comedy in Fauja and Kisan: Raaj Shaandilyaa

Along with the actors, the writers and directors also have to protect themselves from being typecast. In such a situation, one has to be a part of new life and stories. If we talk about Raaj Shaandilyaa, then he is known for writing comedy content. Raj’s last film as a director, Dream girl, also had a tinge of comedy. Raj believes that comedy looks good only where it is needed. Unnecessary comedy can spoil the fun of the story. The issue of Raj’s upcoming films Fauja and Kisan as a producer is serious. In a conversation, Raj says that it is not that I am good at comedy.

If I write, I will use it in every film. The comedy that comes out of an emotion is real humor. Comedy emanates from emotion, it cannot be forced into the story. It is very difficult to laugh while writing a comedy. The effort is to make as many people laugh as possible. My upcoming films Fauja and Kisan are both serious stories. Fauja will be a biopic. At the same time, in the film Kisan, the problems of today’s farmers will be mentioned. There is no room for humor or comedy in these films. Although if there is a place in the story of the film, then I will try to make room for humor, if it is not made, then I will not keep the comic scenes.

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