This is how the idea of Chandigarh kare Aashiqui was found

The issue of gender change has been raised in actor Ayushmann Khurrana’s latest release Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui. Vaani Kapoor is playing the role of a trans girl in the film. The film tries to depict the difficulties and challenges they face after the gender transition. Director Abhishek Kapoor says, A few years ago a woman came to me. He had an idea. She wanted to say something else, but I saw something else in her. He has two twin sons. After the sex change, both of them are now girls. I have met him. This transition was not easy. The counseling is for about two years. Then the doctor performs physical surgery. They have to take medicines for hormonal balance.

Their acceptance in society is not easy, but they are excellent people. This idea came before the film Kedarnath. This idea was boiling in me after the release of that film. I started writing with my co-writer Tushar Paranjpe. Did a lot of research. Met many doctors. We discussed how to take up this matter. Then made up this story. Initially, the story of the film was based in Delhi. Due to Covid, we felt that there is a need to be more careful. So we reworked the story. The story is easily set in Chandigarh. Earlier the title of this film was something else. This title was suggested by Ayushmann.

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