Two friends jumps on a pond full of crocodiles in viral video, see what happens next

Often on social media, we also see many shocking videos. Today, we have brought a video for you that you will be surprised to see. This video is about two friends who jump into the pond full of crocodiles, and after seeing what happens, you will be surprised. This video has been shared on the Instagram account ‘TheBassfinder’. In this viral video, it can be seen that two friends jumped on a pond full of crocodiles. This video has made a friend of both men who jump into the pond.

As soon as both friends jump into the water, the crocodile moves towards them in the water to hunt them,  and they quickly come out from the water. This video has been viral on social media; more than 97K of Instagram users have liked it so far. Netizens are giving different responses after seeing this video. A user wrote, “It’s a joke that could end your friends life for some views is it really worth that much” while another user wrote “A prime example of natural selection and why women live longer than man”.

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