VFX of Shamshera film ready in two and a half years

With the increasing technology, Visual Effects (VFX) are now becoming an important part of cinema. Especially, in historical, period, action, and science fiction films, VFX helps the director a lot to bring his imagination to the screen. Ranbir Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt starrer Shamshera is also a period film that is set in the era of the year 1871 in the background of the fictional city of Kaza. Releasing on July 22, the film will see Sanjay play a ruthless domineering general Shuddh Singh, and Ranbir as the chieftain of the bandits. Heavy VFX has also been used in this film to create the look of director Karan Malhotra. Regarding this, Ranbir says, ‘YRF has helped a lot in making this film, be it the budget or the action sequence.

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