Video of a SUV hitting bike in Delhi goes viral, see what happened next

A video of a shocking incident is going viral very fast on social media, in which a high-speed SUV hits a bike and what happens after that is very shocking. This video going viral is being told of Delhi’s capital city of India, in which two bikes are running in parallel to a Mahindra Scorpio. Looking at the video, it seems that there is a debate between the car and the bikers about something going on. After the argument is over, the bikers leave the car and only after going some distance, the driver driving the SUV hit the bike from the side at a very high speed and the biker falls down on the road along with the bike in a very forceful way. Only after the biker falls down, his companions are coming behind from another bike and they stop near him, but the biker himself stands up after falling to the ground.

According to media reports, the police are investigating the video of a mishap by a speeding SUV driver who hit a biker while driving carelessly. The registration number of the vehicle can also be seen in the video, which is being told of Delhi itself.

Rashly driven SUV hits biker on Delhi road

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