Vineet Kumar Singh got married with Ruchira Ghormare

In the wedding season, Mukkabaaz film actor Vineet Kumar Singh has also got married. Vineet married actress Ruchira Ghormare in Nagpur on November 29. Ruchira is from Nagpur, Vineet belongs to Banaras. In conversation, Vineet says that Ruchira and I met each other eight years ago. First friendship happened, then love. We were supposed to get married last year only, but due to the corona pandemic, it was not possible. I want to do court marriage. But Ruchira wanted to marry customarily. Vineet says about keeping their relationship a secret for eight years.

The good thing is that we are from the same profession, so we will understand each other’s work methods and timings. She also understands the culture of Banaras. Easily adjusts to a new environment. Regarding celebrating the wedding with friends, Vineet says that the mind was to celebrate with friends. But my diary is full of work dates. After the second wave of Corona, the dates of many projects have changed. I don’t want any work to be stuck because of me. I am about to leave on a two-and-a-half-month schedule for shooting.

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