Viral Kohli and Anushka Sharma reaction after their daughter pictures goes viral

Anushka Sharma and her daughter Vamika’s pictures are becoming crazy viral on the internet in which were taken in the last match of the recently concluded ODI series between India and South Africa. The picture was taken when Anushka Sharma and her daughter were cheering for Virat Kohli in the stands. Viral Kohli and Anushka Sharma kept the baby away from the media since she was born and were requested the paparazzi to avoid clicking pictures of their daughter as they want her to enjoy a normal childhood. 

Anushka Sharma and her daughter Vamika’s pictures have gone viral for the first time since both of them have given statements and wrote “We are deeply thankful to the Indian paparazzi and most of the media fraternity for not publishing pictures/videos of Vamika. As parents, our request to the few who carried the images/video will be to support us going forward. We seek privacy for our child and would like to do our best to give her a chance to live her life freely away from media and social media. As she is older we cannot restrict her movement and hence your support is needed so kindly practice restraint in the matter. Special thank you to fan clubs and people on the internet for going out of your way to not post images. It was kind and highly mature of you.” Cricketer Virat Kohli and his wife Anushka have released the same statement on their Instagram handle. In these photos of Vamika that went viral, netizens are giving their different reactions and some are commenting that Vamika as the female version of dad Virat Kohli.

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