Viral video of a cat sitting on the back of the dog is a must watch

Often we get to see many videos of animals on social media which make us laugh a lot. One such dog and cat video is becoming very viral, which has been shared on the Twitter account named Buitengebieden. Often we know about the enmity of dog and cat, but today we have brought such a video for you in which the love of dog and cat is visible for each other.

In this video of the dog and cat, it can be seen that the cat is sitting and playing very comfortably on the dog’s back. This video has been filmed in two different ways, in which the cat is sitting on the back facing the dog’s side, and in the second, the cat is playing with the dog’s tail facing the dog’s tail. The dog stands still as if it has nothing to do with the cat and ignoring the cat as if no one is sitting on its back. This video has been seen by more than 4 lakh Twitter users so far and more than 6000 users have retweeted this video.

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