Viral video of a Chicken fighting with lizard to save her chicks, watch here

We know any mother of a human or animal can go to any extent to save her children from any danger and today we have brought such a video of chicken for you which is a perfect example of this. It can be seen in this video that chicks are sitting near the chicken and then a lizard comes there and she tries to attack the chicks. The chicken attacks the lizard with its beak so that no one can harm its chicks but the lizard tries to attack a chick over and over again, and eventually the chicken teaches the lizard a lesson she will probably never forget. When the lizard repeatedly attacks a chick, the chicken gets angry and takes the lizard with its beak and takes it somewhere else.

This video going viral has been shared on Instagram on the account ‘agroroutine_official’, which has been liked by 91,289 users so far.

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