Crocodile trying to hunt King Cobra in viral video, watch what happens next

The crocodile is called the king of water because it is almost impossible for any animal to fight with a crocodile in the water. Today we have brought a similar video for you in which a crocodile is seen hunting the King Cobra. This video has been posted on a YouTube channel named ‘Planeta Animal’ and so far 45000 users have liked this video.

It can be seen in this video that a crocodile sitting in the water sees a king cobra on the bank of the river and tries to hunt it by coming out of the water a little. The crocodile grabs the king cobra with its mouth and the king cobra has not been able to get rid of the crocodile’s clutches even after trying very hard. Netizens are giving their different reactions to this video. One user wrote, “Crock thinks its death roll will somehow rip the snake Little it know, you can’t rip a cord by rotating it around itself.” Whereas another user wrote “yelp both are predators one eat another and also own kind beast with in there ralum environment evaluation wild thing uncontrollable Rage just like movie!.”

Cocodile trying to hunt King Cobra

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