Duck playing hide and seek with Tiger in viral video

Social media is a platform where we get to see many funny videos which make us laugh a lot. One such funny video of a duck is going viral which is screwing with a lion in water or we can also say that duck is playing hide and seek game with a lion in water. Seeing this video, internet users are praising the bravery of the duck because for the first time it has been seen that a small bird is messing with the lion.

In this video, it can be seen that a lion is standing on the bank of the pond and jumps in the water after seeing a duck catch it. As soon as the Tiger goes near the Duck to catch it, the Duck takes a dip in the water and comes out from somewhere else. It happens 3-4 times that Tiger tries to catch Duck and looking at Duck looks like it is playing hide and seek with Lion. After many attempts, Tiger fails to catch the duck and has to return without hunting. Internet users are giving their different reactions after watching this video. Some users are saluting the bravery of Duck.

Duck plays Hide and Seek with Tiger

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