A group of lionesses attacking buffalo in viral video but the lionesses had to run for their life

On social media, we get to see many interesting videos of animals, and some videos are quite shocking because their ending is something that we cannot even expect. The video that we have brought for you today is of a group of a lioness who attack the herd of Buffalo to hunt and in the end, they all manage to catch a Buffalo. After catching Buffalo, all the lionesses surround it and try to kill it, but what happens after that was quite shocking. As soon as the lionesses are trying to kill the Buffalo, then the Buffalo group attacks the lionesses fiercely and lifts the lionesses in the air, and throws them down. The lioness then escapes to the side after saving her life and Buffalo manages to save the life of her group member.

This video, which is going viral, has been shared on the account ‘bigcatsquad’ on Instagram, which has received 35,649 likes so far and Instagram users are sharing this video fiercely. Some users are also sharing their reactions in the comment section. One user commented and wrote “Who made that background noise when the lion got hit? while another user wrote, “This young male will be a great king.”

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