Viral video of a herd of deer jumped on the BMW 5 series, incident captured on the camera

Imagine that you are passing through a forest in your car and if a herd of deer suddenly comes in front of your car, then you will be very scared at once. One such shocking incident video is going viral on social media, in which a BMW 5 Series car is speeding through a forest and suddenly a herd of deer crossing the road comes in front of it.

It can be seen in this video that as soon as a herd of deer comes in front of the car, the driver of the vehicle applies the brakes by taking the car down from the road at once. Some deer then cross before the car stops and a deer jumps over the car and crosses the road but as soon as the car stops, a deer comes from the forest and jumps on the rear window of the car for a few seconds. and runs back into the forest. Looking at the video, it seems that there is no damage in the car. This shocking video captured from a vehicle driving behind a BMW 5 Series car has been shared on a YouTube channel named “Illyrian Car”. After watching this video, social media users are giving their different reactions.

Group of Deer jumps on the BMW 5 series, watch what happens

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