Impala behaves like actor to protect its life from leopard in viral video, interesting ending

A video is becoming crazy viral on social media, in which it can be seen that an Impala is behaving like an actor so that it can save his life from the cheetah. In this viral video, it can be seen that an Impala is lying in front of a cheetah and he is acting as if it is killed so that as soon as the cheetah moves around a bit, it can run away to save its life, but after this, something like this happens you will be surprised to see that. As soon as the impala tries to run away after getting the right opportunity, only after going some distance, the cheetah catches the impala and hunts it.

This video of Impala and Cheetah has been shared on ‘Lion :- wild king’ YouTube channel, which has been liked by more than 27k users so far. Netizens are giving their different parties after seeing this act of Impala in the video. An Instagram user wrote, “That horn almost punctured that cheetah.”

Impala Trying to Escape from Cheetah

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