Viral Video of a man doing excercise by hanging from the 12th floor balcony

Often people wake up early to stay fit and exercise, but in this video that we are going to share with you today, the craze of being fit on a man so much that he started exercising by hanging from the balcony of his flat on the 12th floor and after seeing this video everyone will be shocked. This video is becoming crazy viral on social media, in which it can be seen that a man comes to the balcony of his flat on the 12th floor and is performing the steps of exercise outside holding the grills.

The man is doing exercise when someone comes out of his flat and probably asks him to come inside. Holding grills for a while, the man hangs, but after staying there for some time, he goes inside his flat. Whoever is watching this video is getting very surprised because such madness is being seen for the first time because by doing this your life will also be in danger. This video has been shot from a family living in front of that man’s flats and shared on social media.

Man doing exercise by hanging 12th floor balcony

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