Viral Video of a man falls down on Delhi Metro Tracks while looking at phone, see what happens next

In today’s time, mobile phone has become a necessity for everyone and it is impossible for almost every human being to live without a mobile phone. While using the mobile phone, some people get lost in it, they do not know anything about the activities happening around them and it proves to be fatal for us at times. A video of one such man is becoming very viral on social media, in which he gets so lost in the screen of the phone that he falls on the railway tracks of Delhi Metro.

CCTV footage of this viral video has surfaced in which a man can be seen walking near the track with a phone in his hand and ended up on the tracks, losing his footing. When the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) personnel saw this man falling on the metro tracks, they immediately ran for his help and before the arrival of Matero, the man was taken from there to a safe place. The man, identified as one 58-year-old Shailender Mehta, has suffered a minor sprain and no serious injuries have been reported.

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