Viral video of a Monkey Drinking Hot Tea while listening to South Indian song, see here

Social media is a platform where we get to see many viral videos out of which some are very adorable videos that we like to watch again and again. A video of one such monkey is going viral on social media, in which it can be seen that a monkey is sitting at a tea shop and has a cup of hot tea in his hand. The monkey is holding a cup of tea in both his hands and is drinking sip by sip. A South Indian song is also playing in the background but the monkey’s entire focus is on his cup full of tea.

This viral video of Monkey is shared on the Twitter account named Mahesh10816. The funniest thing about this video is that the South Indian song is playing in the background of this video and the monkey is drinking tea while listening to that song very comfortably. The caption of this video reads “Some in TN project having tea in a roadside tea shop as a big virtue. Even a monkey drinks tea in a roadside tea shop, what’s the big deal?”. Users have given their different reactions to this video “Ultimate Smiling face with open mouth. This monkey having read is adorable, the other one is irritating”.

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