A Monkey fighting with a dog is must watch, viral video

Have you ever seen monkey and dog fighting? If not, then today we have brought for you a video of a dangerous fight between a monkey and a dog, which you will be surprised to see. In this video going viral, it is seen that a pet monkey and dog are tied to a pole at some distance and the dog is eating its food comfortably. Then the monkey gets so much angry that it attacks the dog and tries to steal its food. After some time the monkey manages to pull the dog’s eating utensils towards it and after emptying it on the ground the monkey tries to hit the dog with that utensil. The fight between the dog and the monkey goes on for a long time and both try to attack each other again and again.

This video, which is going viral on social media, has been shared on the YouTube channel ‘Kiem Nguyn’ which has got 62,13,124 views so far. Netizens are giving their reactions in this video. One user wrote “laughed my butt off in the first video because the monkey threw the pan and missed the dog by inches. Yes it is cruel having these animals fight but there are worse things happening all the time.”

Shocking video of a Monkey fighting with a dog

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