Monkey plays the game with Leopard on a tree, viral video

Often on social media, we get to see many viral videos of Leopard hunting animals, and today we have brought such funny videos of Leopard which will bring a smile to your face. In this video it can be seen that a leopard sees a monkey on the tree and climbs on the tree to hunt it, we know how agile the monkeys are. As soon as the leopard starts reaching the monkey, the monkey jumps on the second branch of the tree and as a leopard goes towards the other branch, the monkey jumps to the other side.

Looking at the video of Leopard and Monkey, it looks as if both are playing a game with each other. This funny video has been shared on the ‘ROAR WILDLY’ YouTube channel and so far 5.7 million views have been received on this video. Social media users are giving their different reactions after watching this video. One user wrote “Monkey says: I can do this all day…I need to save my life” while another user wrote, “Monkey perfectly jumping with very minimum support….. God given talent”.


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