Viral video of a Panda bathing in a pool will definately makes you smile, watch here

A video is becoming fiercely viral on the internet in which a panda is seen taking a bath. This jolly video that went viral has been shared on a Twitter account named Buitengebieden which has got more than 397.8K views so far and users are giving their different reactions to this fun video of Panda. It can be seen in this video that Panda is enjoying and taking a bath in a small water pool.

Panda is seen in full fun in this video, in which sometimes he starts dying loudly in the water, and sometimes he takes his mouth out of the lentils inside the water. This 40-second video will bring a smile to your face. We get to see many viral videos of Panda on social media which are very cute and some funny videos are also seen. In this video of Panda taking a bath, a Twitter user wrote “What a gentleman taking his bubble bath” while another user wrote, “Pandas are just big babies in black and white fur coats”.

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