Rhino trying to attack on Giraffe but what happens after is really surprising

We like to take some time out of our busy life to watch some such content on the phone which brings a smile to our face and we get to see many such funny videos on social media. The video we have brought for you today is very funny in which a baby Rhino is trying to mess with Giraffe but you will not be able to stop your laughter after seeing what happens with baby Rhino. In this video going viral, it can be seen that a Giraffe is eating something while standing under a tree in the forest, when a baby Rhino comes behind and tries to attack his leg but as soon as Baby Rhino hits the Giraffe While trying to attack, Giraffe hits baby Rhino’s head hard with his leg. As soon as Giraffe hits Baby Rhino, only then Baby Rhino runs away and Giraffe also runs after Baby Rhino.

This video, which is going viral on social media, has been shared on the account ‘africansafariconservation’ on Instagram, which has received 13,490 likes so far. Netizens are giving different reactions after watching this video. One user commented, “Well you get kicked in the head that hard and you’d run away that fast too! And I just learned recently that a giraffe has the strongest bones that it can.” even kill a lion by a kick I can feel the pain of that rhino.”

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