Viral video of a woman sings on ‘Mohabbat Barsa Dena’ and the man dances behind her

We often get to see many funny videos on social media, which we are very happy to see, and today we have brought such a video of a woman for you, seeing which you will not be able to stop your laughter. This video is of a woman who is singing on the famous Bollywood song “Mohabbat Barsa Dena” and the funniest thing about this video is the dance of a man behind the woman who is dancing to that song behind the woman in a very funny way.

This video going viral has been shared on the page Emo Bois of India on Instagram and the caption of this video reads “Admin and Wifi on Sunday Picnic”. This video has been written by more than 13,00 Instagram users so far and netizens are giving their different reactions after watching this video. Netizens are giving different reactions to this video. People just can’t help laughing and definitely can’t get over the ‘La, la, la’ in the end. ”She scarred me for life with that la la la la,” one user wrote, while another wrote, ”Neha Kakkar with Autotune Off!” A third wrote, ”Mamu sanam dancing in the background.

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