An elephant slaps the tourist with his tail, viral video

We often get to see many funny videos on social media which make us laugh a lot and today we have brought such a video of an elephant for you which will bring a smile to your face. In this video going viral on the internet, it can be seen that a pet elephant is going on the road and the tourist couple standing on the side of the road are watching it and then something happens that even those tourists can not stop their laughter. As soon as the elephant passes by those tourists, the elephant moves its tail and accidentally the elephant’s tail goes straight to the male tourist’s face. According to some reports, this funny clip is from Patturaikkal, India.

This video going viral has been shared by Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda on his Twitter handle and this video has been seen by more than 6K users so far. While sharing the video, its caption reads “Elephant knows for whom it is spending a life in captivity. Well done .” 448 users have liked this video so far and 60 Retweets have been done. Netizens are making funny comments on this video after watching this video.

Elephant slaps the man with his tail

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