Komodo dragon attacks on a calf in viral video but after that something happens you will be surprised to see

The Internet is full of many viral videos and today we have brought one of them for you in which Komodo attacks the dragon calf to hunt it but after that something happens that you will be surprised to see. In this video shared on Instagram, it can be seen that a Komodo dragon attacks the calf and takes it in his clutches and suffocates its throat with its mouth, and then the calf’s mother comes running to see the calf and attacks on Komodo and after that, the Komodo Dragon escapes from thereby saving its life.

This video going viral on the internet has been shared on Instagram and the “hayat.vahshi2020” page and this video have been liked by more than 3k users so far. Internet users are giving their different reactions to this video. According to some users, it is being eaten that the calf must have died after some time because the Komodo Dragon had left its poison inside it.

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