Viral video: Lioness attacks on a calf, watch surprising video

On social media, we often get to see many such videos of Lioness in which she is seen hunting but today we have brought such a shocking video for you in which a Lioness attacked the calf but later had to repent. This video has been shared on an Instagram account named ‘wildlife_stories_’, in which it can be seen that a lioness manages to catch a calf after trying to attack a flock of Buffalo to hunt.

As soon as the lioness takes Calf in her clutches, dozens of Buffaloes standing there try to save Calf and go to Lioness and try to kill her with their lions. Seeing Buffalo’s herd attacking, the lioness gets scared and finds it difficult to save her life, but still, she does not leave the calf. After this buffalo gets angrier and then the lioness somehow escapes from thereby saving her life and Buffalos manages to escape the calf. Netizens are giving different reactions after watching this video. One user wrote “Thank God for this Baby’s Life” while another user wrote, “Useless lion should learn how to eat grass.”

Lioness attacks on a calf but something happened after that

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