Viral video of SpiceJet air hostess dancing on ‘Kacha Badam’ on the flight

Many songs are so popular on Instagram that everyone wants to become famous by making a reel. Bengali song Kacha Badam is dominated on Instagram these days and Instagram users are making their dance reel on this song. SpiceJet air hostess has made a dance video of herself on Kacha Badam and put it on Instagram, which is becoming fiercely viral. Air hostess Uma Meenakshi has shared this video on her Instagram account, which has been seen by more than 23000 users so far.

In this viral video of Uma Meenakshi, it can be seen that she is dancing on Kacha Badam in an empty flight and this video of her has been made by one of her colleagues. Her upbeat moves were simply on-point and we also loved her expressions. She also acted the hook step of the trending song. This video has been liked by more than 9000 users so far and everyone is praising the dance of Air hostess Uma Meenakshi. One user commented “You should be an actress” while another user wrote, “So Beautiful as always”.

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