Tigers trying to catch duck from pond, watch Interesting ending of viral video

We often get to see many funny videos on social media and today we have brought one such video for you which is going viral on social media in which a duck is playing hide and seek with three tigers inside the pond. It can be seen in this video that three tigers out of which two are standing inside the pond and one is standing on the bank of the pond and only then  they see a duck in the water. To catch the duck, a tiger attacks it, only then the duck comes out from some other place by taking a dip in the water. Tiger is also in full swing and it attacks the duck again to catch it and as soon as the duck starts diving into the water, the tiger manages to catch it and brings it out of the water by tightening its jaws.

This video going viral has been shared on the Instagram account ‘beauty.wildlifee’ which has got 920 likes so far.  Social media users are very much liking this cleverness video of the duck and are giving their different reactions. One user wrote “Goteeem! Tigers finally got one. Seen a lot of these.”

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