Tourists walk with the Lions in South Africa, watch viral video

On social media, we often find many videos of tourists doing jungle safari but have you ever seen some tourists are walking with a herd of lions in the middle of the forest. A video from South Africa is going viral on social media, in which some tourists are standing with a herd of lions in the forest and shooting videos on their phones. It can be seen in this video that four lions are standing with their caretaker in the forest and their caretaker has food for them. The caretaker of the lions feeds them one by one and all sit in their places and take their food comfortably.

This video has been shared on a YouTube channel named Michael Gabriel and netizens are giving their different reactions after watching this video. One social media user wrote “I will always watch lions and other big from the comfort and safety of an SUV. Motto watch and get home alive.” Another user wrote, “I wouldn’t trust any of the lions especially the one that kept going to the back of the man, contemplating whether or not to jump at his neck from behind.”

Viral video of tourists walk with the Lions in South Africa

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