Vivek Oberoi will soon be seen in a comedy film

When a film starts to be made, it undergoes many changes to become completely ready. Actor Vivek Oberoi was supposed to produce the film Rosie: The Saffron Chapter with a starring role in it but had to leave the film. Explaining the reason for this, Vivek says that there is another side of me apart from acting, about which very few people know. I am also an active businessman and educationist. I have 15 colleges in Gujarat, I have my own university.

At the time when I was supposed to work on this film, I was doing degree tie-ups with globally seven-eight universities. I was trying to make sure that many children who cannot go abroad and study abroad, they can become part of global education according to Indian fees. For me, that work was more important, in which a lot of time was being spent. I could not give time to the film, it was better not to do the film. Soon I will do a comedy film.

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