Watch the adorable video of a peacock mesmerizing dance, video goes viral

In the world of smartphones, these days every user is connected with social media and likes to watch funny and cute videos to relax their mind a little from the busy life. Today we have brought such a cute video for you, after watching it your mind will be happy and you will like to watch this video again and again. This video is of Peacock doing the mesmerizing dance.

This video has been shared on the safarigallery Instagram account and in this video, a Peacock can be seen spreading its wings and dancing. This is a very cute video that every internet user is happy to see because such mind relaxing videos are rarely seen. This video of Peacock has now been liked by more than 19000 Instagram users and users are giving their different reactions after watching this video. One user wrote, “Oh that was a spectacular capture”.

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