Police officers halts traffic to help Otters crossing the busy road in viral video

A video is going crazy viral on social media, which is very adorable and will put a smile on your face after watching it. This video is from Singapore, in which the police is helping a group of otters to cross the road. The video, which was reportedly taken on a multilane highway outside Singapore’s presidential palace, shows police stopping traffic for otters to cross the road and again signalling traffic movement after they cross the road.

In this video, we can see that a group of 16 otters tries to cross a busy road, and a police officer stands in the middle of the road and holds the traffic. After the otters cross the road, the traffic gets permission to move. The video has been shared on the ‘leehsienloong’ Twitter account, and the caption of the video reads “Our local otters have been dropping in on the Istana. Appreciate the care by Istana staff, @nparksbuzz, @SingaporePolice and members of public to help them co-exist with us safely in our urban environment, eg crossing the road safely.” This adorable video has been viewed by over 18K users so far, and netizens are thanking the Singapore Police and the local people for helping the otters cross the road. One Twitter user wrote “Mr. Prime Minister, you are leader of a great country with people taking care of each other! RESPECT! Your fan from Sri Lanka!.”

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