Watch the viral video of monkeys harassing crocodiles, its funny

We often get to see many funny videos on social media which make us laugh and one such video is becoming fiercely viral on social media in which monkeys are seen messing with crocodiles. This 40-second video is of a zoo pond in which there are many crocodiles and monkeys are sitting near this pond. Seeing the crocodiles, the monkeys start jumping into the water one by one and quickly come out of the water. All the crocodiles try very hard to catch the monkeys but none of them have been successful.

In this video, the agile movements of the monkey can be seen that one by one they jump into the water and come out of the water quickly. This funny video is being liked very much by social media users and all the crocodiles become so helpless that they cannot catch a single monkey. If you have not seen this video yet, then you can watch it by clicking on the play button below.

Watch the funny viral video of monkeys harassing crocodiles

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