We have to protect themselves from unhealthy pride

Bhavani Devi, the first Indian woman swordsman to compete in the Olympics, may have come to an end, but she has shown a strong commitment to return at the next Olympics (2024). Instead of being disheartened by her defeat, Bhavani’s determination reflects her self-restraint and confidence. They don’t care what people will say or think? She is engrossed in her tune. According to psychiatrists, this is called healthy pride. But those who remain skeptical, feel ashamed of defeat or failure, who are overconfident about their abilities, and who try to take credit for the successes and actions of others, we can call them suffering from unhealthy pride. In the words of senior psychotherapist Swati Bhagchandani, such individuals are unable to accept criticism or admit their mistakes.

Healthy and Unhealthy Pride

American author and speaker John C. Maxwell says that pride is of two types, healthy and unhealthy. Healthy pride reflects self-esteem while unhealthy pride is an attempt to prove superiority under the guise of conceit. Abhishek Mishra, who received the title of ‘Iron Man’, has a passion for running. About his experiences, the book has been written. According to them, people advise avoiding over-confidence, but even more deadly is unhealthy pride. He says, ‘Once I had completed a four-kilometer race in a cycling competition, then suddenly there was a loud noise. Another competitor passed by, so I thought his bicycle wheel was punctured, but the very next moment I realized that the wheel was punctured on my bicycle. I stood there for 35 minutes. That was my unhealthy pride.

According to psychiatrists, Unhealthy pride emphasizes personal superiority and is often used to bring attention to or degrade others. On the other hand, healthy pride speaks of authentic competence. Author and psychotherapist Abhilasha Mathur says, “Those who bring pride to family, society, country, they become the source of inspiration for all.” There is no feeling of jealousy or arrogance in them. At the same time, a person trapped in unhealthy pride, thinking of himself as the best, creates a mythical world around him, which becomes a hindrance to his success. This arrogance sometimes overwhelms them. This affects their relationships with others. Healthy pride makes life beautiful and happy.

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