Why is discipline in diet necessary in Chaturmas

Chaturmas, which starts from July 20, is called the sandhi period of the seasons. Due to humidity and humidity in this season, bacteria flourish more and our ability to fight diseases is also affected. Therefore, special attention should be paid to diet and routine. Because of the fear of the third wave of the corona, its importance increases so that no disease can touch you.

Ayurveda believes that any disease occurs due to an imbalance of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha in the body. In Chaturmas, the intensity of these three increases, as a result, problems like weak digestion, gas, and acidity arise. The only solution for this is to balance yat, pitta, and Kapha. For this, moderation and discipline in diet and physical behavior becomes necessary.

Eat digestible food: Lightly digestible food with less oil, chilies, spices helps in keeping the digestive system healthy. Bile is helpful in digestion and its intensity becomes more during the day and less in the night. Therefore, eating late at night especially in this season should be avoided. It would be better to do the diet only in the evening so that the digestion remains healthy.


The Only Diet Plan That Ayurveda Recommends

Avoid the consumption of green leafy vegetables, due to the moisture in the weather during the rainy days, bacteria flourish. It is beneficial to stay away from the consumption of greens and green leafy vegetables in this season. It is advisable to do so in this season due to the presence of very microscopic worms in leafy vegetables. Many times, due to not washing the vegetables properly, they can enter the body with the diet and make you sick.

Consume products made from milk: In the rainy days, instead of milk, products made from it should be consumed. In this season, bacteria grow quickly in milk, but when cooked properly and consumed, it is beneficial for the body. Curd should be avoided at night, otherwise cold may occur.

Drink boiled water: During the rainy season, dust particles and soil get dissolved in rivers and other sources of water. This contaminated water can harm the body. Therefore, water should always be boiled and drunk during this season.

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