Why medicines are getting ineffective on bacteria

Even though society should not focus on the use of antibiotics. But, the increasing cases of multi-drug resistance are warning the world. Due to this, about 50 percent of the patients admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of hospitals are coming for sepsis (infection). Of these total sepsis patients, half are multi-drug resistance (MDR). Therefore, antibiotic tablets to injections on the infected bacteria in the body are being ineffective. The patient does not recover from the infection due to the ineffectiveness of life-saving medicines on the body.

In such a situation, gradually he goes into the condition of multiorgan failure. That is, their organs stop working and they become a victim of untimely death. The lives of all the patients across the country are ending like this.

The patient is breaking the dose by himself:
In the corona period, where the person became health conscious. At the same time, the trend towards health monitoring also increased. In this, the practice of online consultation with doctors by measuring health parameters from a medical device at home has also increased very fast. At the same time, during the Corona period, many patients consulted many doctors and did a double antibiotic course, which was not good in terms of health. At the same time, many patients stopped the course of antibiotics in the middle. Now the patients are reaching the post COVID OPD with the side effects. The same patients do in the treatment of other diseases. The antibiotic course is written for three or five days, it is left in the middle when it gets relief. In such a situation, the bacteria present in the body are not eliminated but change their form. Therefore, next time this antibiotic will prove to be ineffective on these patients.

How does sepsis happen:
If a bacteria attacks the body, then in such a situation there is a response of the body. This is called Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (SARS). This activates the immune system. It struggles to normalize the body. During this, there is a struggle to protect the body from immune system infection. During this, the cells of the body that get damaged, become sepsis.

Weapon against diseases Antibiotic:
The attack of viruses, Bacteria is now increasing. With the increase in the scope, serious diseases are also being exposed in the person. However, the range of antibiotics is limited. These antibiotics are like a weapon with the doctors. If the scope of drug registration increases, then the situation will be difficult. Therefore, if these weapons are to be kept safe, then the indiscriminate use of antibiotics has to be stopped.

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