Youth are not available for the army, drug addicts are being recruited

Washington | In America, agencies like Army, FBI, NSA are also recruiting drug addicts. After that they are being asked to give up drugs. They are being given time for this. US Army has appointed 3400 drug addicts in 5 years. For this, these agencies have unannounced relaxed the rules of drug test.

Actually these security and intelligence agencies of America are not getting youths. A recent report says that half of the people in the country are taking some kind of intoxicant. Most Americans have become addicted to marijuana. MP Jamie Raskin has brought a new bill, according to which those who are addicted to ganja or bhang will get drug clearance. They say- We cannot disqualify half of the country’s population on the basis that they take any intoxicant which many of our former presidents have also been doing.

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